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Black History Month: CDI College Staff Who Make an Impact

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

February is Black History Month. It’s an important time to reflect on not only the achievements and contributions that people of colour have made to the Canadian social and cultural fabric, but also the struggle for inclusion and equality.

CDI College has made diversity and inclusion its primary considerations, and over the years we’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with many people of colour on our faculty and staff. We recently reached out to our campuses and asked them to nominate instructors and staff who have made a positive contribution toward the education of students and the CDI College community. Here are their stories.


Ifeoma O.

Ifeoma is the instructor for the Paralegal program at our Calgary City Centre Campus, and has a phenomenal reputation with her students and the staff.

The job is very rewarding for her. She says that the best part about being an instructor is being able to empower her students in their lives. But it’s not just about the grades; she tries to add value to her classes that helps to improve the student’s lives. She is grateful to be part of the process as they embark on their new career paths.

In the future she wants to be able to look back at this stage of her career with a smile and the knowledge that she’s been part of many successful stories emerging from her instruction.


Adeola E.

Adeola is also an instructor at our Calgary City Centre campus. She teaches in the Travel and Tourism program, but also occasionally helps with the Human Resources Administration program. It’s this willingness to go above and beyond that has earned her praise on campus, and is a key part to ensuring the smooth operation of these programs.

For Adeola the most rewarding aspect of her role is the acknowledgement from her students in how she helped shape their success. She’s proud to see the evidence of the impact she’s made in the lives of many of her students.

For the future Adeola hopes to continue to live and teach by a simple mantra: “Inspire people! Ignite a spark in individuals!! Impact Lives!!!”


Lyric M.

Lyric is a teaching assistant in the Addictions and Community Services Worker program at our Edmonton North campus. Her coworkers value her dedication to the students in the program, and her willingness to work with them one-on-one to ensure they have a good understanding of the material.

She deeply understands the program and the importance of her work. For her the biggest reward is seeing the students achieve their goals in the program, develop skills, and ultimately succeed not only in their careers, but also in their lives.

It is clearly visible to all the staff that Lyric cares deeply about those around her. She simply wants good things for everyone in her community, and strives for greater global harmony and the day that no one has to go without the essentials for life.


A Diverse Community

Ifeoma, Adeola, and Lyric represent just a few of the many people of colour whose presence helps CDI College become a more inclusive and diverse place. We value their hard work and contribution to the students and the community at large. Without them, we would not be able to achieve our success as a college.

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