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Back-to-School Tips for Adult Learners

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

After spending months or even years away from the classroom, adults may be a bit intimidated by the typical routine of studying, participating in class discussions, writing major research papers and completing semester-long projects. The first time around, students can focus virtually all of their attention on their school tasks, but as an adult, certain other obligations may become a necessity. Taking care of a family and reporting to a full- or part-time job can become just as high - if not higher - on a person's priority list, and can make staying on top of schoolwork a bit more difficult for some adults. To remain focused and excel in healthcare courses with the goal of becoming a massage therapist, students can follow these tips and potentially watch their grades rise.

Get uncomfortable: Though it may sound strange, finding a bit of discomfort in a particular study environment can help students keep their minds on their course notes and textbook material, rather than wondering what's on TV. Those who are settling in for hours of quality course work should steer away from their sweatpants and hoodies and opt for jeans, a collared shirt and a structured desk rather than a cozy couch to sit on. Another way to avoid easy distractions is to stay away from the kitchen - taking a peek at the available goods in the fridge or pantry can seem like a much more enjoyable activity than reading about different muscles and joints in a health textbook. The best place that an adult can study is at a desk where loud distractions and other disruptions are out of sight.

Plan a structured schedule: Whether adults use their iPhones, a traditional planner or a portable tablet, jotting down when and where they will be doing class work can help them organize their lives and ultimately perform better in their courses. Massage therapy students can also keep track of their class schedules with smartphone calendar applications or in their written agendas, reminding them when certain course assignments are due and which readings they should tackle first to stay on top of their work load.

Ask for help: Whether adults seek support from fellow classmates, teachers, family members, coworkers or friends, there are numerous networks that they can use to their advantage when they head back to the classroom.

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