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Apps Put Students on the Path to Success

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tech-savvy students may already know about some of the top electronic tools that can help them with their studies, but there is no shortage of apps and computer programs that can ease the pressure of college courses. Students considering a career that uses technology, specifically those who are interested in medical administration classes, should take a look at some of the best smartphone apps for keeping a hectic life organized:

For students who want to be able to store all of their information in one convenient spot, Dropbox might be just the answer. Users can save documents, pictures and videos in one easy location, while at the same time syncing the app across multiple platforms. So if a student finds helpful information on their smartphone, they can quickly save it to the program for later access on a computer or tablet.

This free app is perfect for connecting with friends, coworkers or group members. Users can set up and organize a profile before sharing information with others. Coordinating schedules, to-do lists and calendars becomes easy when students can pass along information to others, but if that's not enough, students can chat with groups in the app or send files back and forth. In addition, Do also syncs all data on its website, so an accidental keystroke won't delete important files forever.

Perhaps the most comprehensive tool on the market is Evernote. Students can take notes or pictures, record voice reminders, make to-do lists and save information found online. Not only will all of this data then be stored on a variety of platforms, but users can tag each item with keywords to keep their collection organized and searchable.

Recent updates have made Evernote more streamlined and easier to use, so users can quickly and efficiently store digital notebooks and data. An added widget can also now be placed on a device's desktop, so notes or reminders that need to be immediately entered into Evernote can be done without waiting for the full program to load.

These are only three of the countless programs aimed at helping students organize their education. Those who have an affinity for technology or other gadgets may be drawn to these apps, which combine efficiency with smooth interfaces.

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