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After the Job Interview: Ways to Help Score an IT Job

Friday, September 28, 2012

Doing well in a job interview does not mean a job seeker has landed the position. Even after theys meet with a potential employer, job seekers still have a few responsibilities to take care of before that coveted job offer arrives. Interview follow-up is one of the key parts of the job hunt that many people tend to overlook, although it can be just as important as job candidates showing recruiters their tech talents.

A recent survey released by Robert Half's Accountemps company revealed that 91 percent of 500 human resources managers find it useful or beneficial for a job candidate to send a thank you note after the interview. The step remains an essential part of the process for a number of reasons. One, it shows appreciation for managers taking time out of their days to meet with the candidate. It may also help keep the candidate on a recruiter's mind, especially at decision time.

Here are some other ways aspiring computer support technicians can boost their chances of getting picked by the sector's top recruiters:

Question rapid fire
After the interviewer's questions appear to have come to an end, the manager turns the tables and the interviewee has the opportunity to ask their own questions. It can sometimes be hard to come up with these prompts off the top of one's head, so coming to interviews prepared with a list of questions to ask can make job applicants feel at ease knowing they will wrap up the interview confidently prepared. They also may be curious about certain aspects of the company and should write down these concerns so they do not forget to inquire about them during the interview.

Business Cards
So an aspiring information technology (IT) worker finally meets the mentor he has been waiting for and when saying goodbye, is asked for his business card. He does not own one. While the experienced professional may brush it off and just ask for his phone number, that initial letdown is still rather ego-crushing. Every motivated student who hopes to have a successful career ahead of them should invest in sleek business cards with a clean, eye-catching design. Whether they are freelance writers, computer support professionals or photographers, business cards can make anyone's personal brand seem a little more credible.

Additionally, workers should remember to ask for the other's business card so that they have easy access to a person's contact information when writing a thank you note, the crucial closer to a promising job interview. Once students have accomplished all of these steps, they can look forward to making positive connections with experienced business leaders.

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