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Addictions and Community Services Worker Instructor Making a Difference in Calgary

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Kathy DuGray, an instructor in the Addictions and Community Services Worker program at CDI College’s Calgary South campus, is known for her big heart and love for her students.


“Once someone is Kathy’s student, she takes responsibility for them throughout their career,” said Rhian Wight, campus director at CDI College’s Calgary South campus. “Students look at her as a mentor.”



During her time at CDI College, Kathy has established a free food pantry on campus to help students in need, put on weekly naloxone training sessions, and serves as a tireless advocate for her program graduates, helping them find better employment after they complete the program.



“My greatest hope for my students is not only to educate them, but also inspire them to love this work the way I do,” DuGray says. “We are the last line of defense for a population that so many others have already given up on.”



An important part of the program is getting students involved in their communities, immersing them in the daily responsibilities and tasks addictions workers face.



“She’s looking for opportunities to get the students into the community every week,” Wight says. “She’s always the first to step in and volunteer.”



Students in the Addictions and Community Services Worker program – and students in other programs at Calgary South – have seen the benefits of DuGray’s kindness.



“The enthusiasm from Kathy’s class spreads to the rest of campus because of her work,” Wight said. “She truly does care about her students, and the family dynamic of the Addictions and Community Services Worker program is what has led to its success.”



Having spent more than three decades in social work, DuGray understands the delicate, but rewarding nature of the field, and seeing her students succeed is a reward in itself.



“I’m tremendously proud of the work our graduates are doing, and I’m thrilled to play a small part in their success.”



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