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Ace Your Next Exam with Effective Study Habits

Monday, September 17, 2012

There are dozens of ways for students to perfect their note-taking skills, studying tactics and research methods. When they're heading back to school to become a medical office assistant, they could certainly use some of these tricks in order to complete the program with a stellar transcript.

Find a buddy

Though some students might think that they do best studying silently by themselves, they might get a whole new perspective on their class material when they discuss the lessons with a friend. Not only does saying the material out loud help students remember the information better, but by listening to their peers' notes, they might catch a key phrase or term from the class lecture that they missed in their own notes.

When dissecting the meaning of complex medical phrases, students can each take a different meaning and alternate explaining their portion. By dividing the material into pieces, students lighten their load and also gain a deeper understanding of the information.

Use additional resources

Today, most textbooks come packaged with supplemental software that helps broaden the lesson even more than the pages of a chapter can. Students typically have online quizzes, vocabulary lists, essay prompts and sample tests available to them through these additional learning resources, ultimately boosting their education and giving them an advantage in the classroom over their peers who might rely solely on the reading assigned by the professor.

Keep options open

Just because some students may have taken a personality quiz that deemed them a visual learner does not mean they should not try other study methods as well. By sticking to the guidelines of one simple questionnaire, students may be missing out on a technique that turns out to be the best form of learning for them. Students should try mixing up different tricks - color coordinate notes, use flashcards to study out loud and draw images that correspond with the terminology - to see how each strategy works for them.

Switch up study space

Just like in every other aspect of life, practicing the same monotonous routine every day can be pretty boring. Additionally, it may even make a person mentally complacent. To avoid this lull, students can hop around to different academic study halls, libraries, coffee shops and rooms of their home when it is time to study. By changing the scenery each time, young adults can keep their minds fresh and focus more strongly on the material in front of them.

Students who are excited to start expanding their knowledge about the field can enroll in healthcare courses like those in the Medical Office Assistant and the Medical Office Assistant - Advanced Practice programs at CDI College. For more information, fill out the form on the right.

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