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A New Business of the Week for Your Palate: The Paleo Palate Café

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Paleo Palate Café – a commericial kitchen boasting vegan and paleo treats in Scarborough, Ontario – was created out of necessity for healthy food that feeds both the body and soul. Founder, Snehal Vaidya, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder in 2018, and began looking for healthy, gluten-free options that left out toxic ingredients. She realized that current offerings were limited – most health foods featured marketing “jargon” and long lists of unpronounceable ingredients. Snehal began experimenting with wholesome ingredients and blogged about it: from there, The Paleo Palate Café was born.


Snehal and her husband, Neil, are passionate about nutrition and taste. They don’t believe that you need to sacrifice one for the other, and their creations live to prove it. Everything is made free of refined sugar, gluten, and other inflammatory ingredients. The COVID-19 pandemic hit The Paleo Palate Café hard, losing close to 70% of their business revenue. However, hope was not lost for The Paleo Palate Café, as Snehal began to revamp their website with new recipes for the blog, selling food through new delivery apps, and developing new menu items. They now offer free delivery for any orders over $25, so anyone in Toronto can experience their tasty treats with zero guilt.


You can order vegan and paleo desserts, such as custom cakes, for special occasions. See them here.


Now, for CDI College students and the community of Scarborough, you can get a 10% off discount on your purchase using the discount code #CDI10.


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Don't forget to try out some of this “gluten-free goodness”! The Paleo Palate Café thanks the community for their ongoing support.

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