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3 Apps to Help You Focus and Ace Your Next Exam

Friday, July 24, 2020

Have you been out of school for several years and feel like you need as many study tips as you can get? Maybe you’ve always been an A-plus student who breezed through your courses. Studying and exams shouldn’t be the reason you put off starting your new career!

We’ve scoured the internet and put together this list of three apps that will help you stay focused when you study for your next exam! Our recommendation is based on multiple reviews of productivity apps. We hope that these apps will give you the confidence to start your new college journey.


Limiting Your Distractions to a Minimum

Stayfocusd is a browser extension that keeps you productive by blocking distracting websites while you study. Especially since you are taking online courses now, this app will help you stay off social media or YouTube for as long as you set the timer. You can even set a limit on your access to certain sites, so you only watch funny cat videos for 30 minutes maximum per day.


Perfect App for a Freelancer-to-be

If your goal is to become a freelancer after attending CDI College, then get familiar with Focus Booster. It’s a Pomodoro app that helps you track the time you spend for each client. While you are a student at CDI College, you can set up each project as a client and keep track of how much time you spend, so you get in the habit of understanding how you use your time. You can export the time tracked into a CSV file so you can analyze it at the end of the month. This app is perfect for someone who wants to eliminate inefficiencies from their own business or to study so that they can achieve the best results.


The Feel Good Study App To Help You Stay Focused

Want to feel good about studying? Plant a tree while you memorize your next set of flashcards for that medical terminology exam. Forest is an app that grows a tree as you use it. But if your break concentration, and switch your phone to other apps to text your friends, or check Instagram, your plant may just wither and die. This app will keep you motivated to concentrate for the next little while.

Using technology to help you achieve your goals is fun and easy. It also shows others that you are serious about your academic pursuits and impresses others when you can recommend something to help them in their journey as well. Whatever your motivation is for concentration, why not take one of these apps for a test run and see if your test score improves?

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