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Dental Assistance - 5144 (French)

Are you ready to focus your great people skills and attention to detail into a rewarding career in the dental industry? CDI's College's Dental Assistance - 5144 program can help.

This program is taught in French. For more information on the equivalent English-language program go to Dental Assistance - 5644 or to read the French course description go to Assistance dentaire - 5144.

For convenience and in order to make the program more accessible to students, the CDI Montréal campus now offers the Dental Assistance program on weekends.

To be admitted to this curriculum, student must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Secondary V diploma or its recognized equivalent OR
  • Be at least 16 years old on the 30th of September of the school year and pass the third secondary units in first and second language, as well as in mathematics according to the programs established by the Minister OR
  • Be at least 18 years old when entering the program and have the functional prerequisite which is the success of the general development test and the specific prerequisite (Language of instruction 2102-2 (2033-1) or 132-308), or the equivalent recognized learning OR
  • Obtain third secondary units in first and second language, as well as in mathematics in programs established by the Minister and continue general education simultaneously in order to obtain fourth secondary units in first and second language, as well as in mathematics according to the curriculum established by the Minister.
  • Pass CDI College's admission test.

To graduate, students must obtain the required pass mark in each course.




This vocational program leads to a DEP (diplôme d'études professionnelles) recognized by the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement Supérieur (MEES) (Permit 528500).
This program is offered in English or French.

Program Courses

754-626 - Overall Task Performance in a Dental Office
This course will introduce students to the day-to-day tasks of a dental office. They will participate in the office in the capacity of a Dental Assistant and will be integrated into the full dental office team.
754-614 - Assistance in Endodontics and Periodontics
Students will learn about assistance techniques used during the course of endodontic and periodontic treatments. They will also learn about maintenance of materials, equipment and the treatment room.
754-606 - Assistance in Dental Surgery and Prosthodontics
Students will learn about assistance techniques used during the course of dental surgery and prosthodontic treatments.
754-598 - Assistance in Operative Dentistry, Orthodontics and Pedodontics
Students will learn about assistance techniques used during the course of operative, orthodontic and pedodontic dental treatments.
754-588 - Chairside Assistance: Specialized Dentistry
This course will cover many of the same tasks covered in the Chairside Assistance course, but will apply that knowledge to assistance procedures in specialized dentistry.
754-578 - Dental Laboratory Techniques
Work on models in a dentist’s office to practice making baseplates, wax rims, crowns and temporary bridges, mouth guards and night guards. Students will also practice cleaning and polishing dentures.
754-561 - Planning a Job Search
Students will learn how to properly write a resume and a cover letter in this course. They will also be walked through the steps of a professional job interview.
754-558 - Prevention and Treatment-Planning Tasks
This course covers tasks related to dental X-Ray photography, polishing and application of fluoride and sealing of pits and dental fissures. Learn how to educate patients on dental care techniques and habits to help maintain good oral health, as well as maintaining fixed and movable dentures and orthodontic appliances.
754-545 - Administrative Tasks
Learn how to plan appointments using a dental office management system in this course. Students will also be taught how to keep patients’ records up-to-date, record fees and payments and manage stock inventory.
754-538 - Chairside Assistance in Operative Dentistry
In this course, you will learn how to prepare a room in preparation for dental surgery. You will also cover the techniques of chairside assistance related to various restoration treatments. Maintenance of materials, equipment and the treatment room will also be covered.
754-527 - Preparation of Materials for Dental Treatments
The preparation of materials required to perform various treatments in operative dentistry and dental surgery will be covered in this course.
754-511 - Professional Ethics
In this course, students will be familiarized with the laws governing the practice of dental medicine. They will also learn about the professional behaviours required of a Dental Assistant.
754-503 - Communication and Teamwork
The Communication and Teamwork course will cover basic principles of communication, of telephone communication in the workplace and of customer service. Students will be taught the basic principles of teamwork and will be evaluated on their ability to work in a team.
754-492 - First Aid
This course will cover first aid administration in a dentist’s office. Anatomy of the cardiac and respiratory systems will also be taught.
754-482 - Occupational Health and Safety
Students will examine the Act regarding occupational health and safety that applies to personnel working in a dentist’s office. They will also gain knowledge of safety procedures and preventive measures involved in the practice of dentistry.
754-475 - Dental Materials
A number of materials and products are used in the dental field. In this course, students will learn about the various types of dental products, as well as their properties and uses.
754-464 - Oral Treatments
Several different operative dentistry treatments will be covered in this course including, prosthodontic, endodontic and periodontic treatments.
754-452 - Concepts of Pharmacology
In this course, students will learn terminology and pharmaceutical abbreviations of oral treatments. Principal medications used in dental medicine and their effects will also be examined. Students will also learn about the methods of using local anesthetics.
754-443 - Hygiene and Asepsis
Gain a better understanding of the connections between micro-organisms and the most common contagious diseases. Measures of personal and professional hygiene will be applied in a dentist’s office. Methods of controlling contamination to the maintenance of work areas, equipment and materials will also be covered. Learn about the application of procedures for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization procedures using various types of equipment.
754-433 - Lesions and Oral Diseases
In this course, students will examine the process of tooth decay. They will also learn to indentify principal lesions of dental pulp and the principal diseases of the oral mucosa and periodontium. Other oral diseases will also be covered.
754-424 - Anatomy of the Oral Cavity
In this course, students will learn about the bones and the muscles that form the oral cavity and their respective functions. They will study tooth development, dental morphology and classification of teeth.
754-412 - The Occupation and the Training Process
Nature of the occupation and its related training process.
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