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“I understand the quality of education delivered in the curriculum and the value realized in CDI’s environment. Self-directed learners and problem solvers are what we have come to expect from CDI College.” - Peter Norman, Celerity Data Inc, Burnaby, BC – employer of CDI College graduates

Heading back to school also means finding the money to pay for it. A lot of people resist going back to college because of financial reasons, but at CDI, we have a number of tuition and financial options that make paying for college easier.

Our Financial Representatives will walk you through your options and help you pick the one that best suits your situation. Whether it’s a student loan, line of credit or payments from EI or Workers' Compensation, there are a number of financial options that can help you finance your education. 

Find out how a CDI College Financial Representative can help you today!

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Dental Technician - BC

The Dental Technician diploma program at CDI College provides students with a unique learning opportunity in the fascinating field of dentistry. Through a series of lectures, group activities and hands-on projects, students will gain a fund...

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