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British Columbia

Programes and Courses


Hospitality Certificate

program courses


  • B2050A - Hospitality Supervision
  • Students will learn the role of the supervisor in lodging and food service operations, and will learn supervisory skills and techniques. Included are specific techniques for staff communication, increasing productivity and controlling labour costs.


  • B2040A - Hotel/Motel Security Management
  • Students will be prepared to meet the vital issues facing today‚Äôs hospitality industry pertaining especially to security issues. Students will learn about proven strategies that protect both employees and guests.


  • B2030A - Hospitality Computer Systems
  • Students will become familiar with the specialized computer applications used in the hospitality industry with emphasis on reservations systems, property management systems, and food and beverage sector systems.


  • B2020A - Front Office Management
  • Students will gain the knowledge required to organize, perform and evaluate front office functions that are critical to the success of the hotel. Training will include the importance of guest service, along with many technical aspects of front office management.


  • B2010A - Housekeeping Management
  • This course is a comprehensive overview of all aspects of housekeeping management including quality maintenance, staffing, planning and technical considerations.