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Advanced Massage Therapy

CDI College's Advanced Massage Therapy diploma program teaches you the advanced skills you need to compete for the best massage therapy jobs. Professional massage therapists specialize in relaxation, wellness, and recovery.

A prerequisite for this diploma program requires successful completion of CDI College's Massage Therapy program, or equivalent, with prior learning assessment. The program begins by building on systems anatomy and remedial exercise, pathophysiology, neuroanatomy, and anatomy palpation. Students will also learn about business and law as it pertains to massage therapy as well as building their knowledge of industry ethics and professional communications.

Students gain hands-on experience through clinical internships and outreach programs, which will provide them with the skills and real-world knowledge they need to excel as a massage therapist.

Program Courses

SSAP - Systems Anatomy and Pathophysiology I & II
Each system of the body is studied by structure, function, and potential diseases. The sciences merge together for a better understanding of the human conditions faced by the Massage Therapist today.
NEPA - Neuroanatomy and Pathophysiology I & II
Two complex control systems are examined in great detail. The course includes thorough coverage of nerves and nerve conduction, brain functions, and reflexes as well as the hormonal influence of the endocrine system.
BSLW - Business and Law
To succeed in this highly competitive field, students must possess a good understanding of marketing and budget management. A business plan is prepared as part of the course. Laws that apply to the Massage Therapist are examined along with policies and contracts.
PHRM - Pharmacology
This component will introduce the student to pharmacology: the effects of drugs and their mechanism of action on living beings. This allows students to gain perspective on how the drugs interact with the many systems of the body. Students also focus on what impact massage therapy can have on both the client and medication.
KINE - Kinesiology
The study of movement is introduced to aid in the understanding of joints, range of motion and muscle activity. Goniometry and anthropometry tapes are used to measure changes in motion and structural imbalance.
ANP2 - Anatomy Palpation II
This is an extension of the Anatomy Palpation I course that accurately applies the broad knowledge of human anatomy. Palpation of everything within our scope of practice is done in this course.
RME2 - Remedial Exercise II
A continuation of the exercises used in rehabilitation and prevention of injuries. Both theory and practical testing ensure students can safely assign home care programs for clients.
CLA2 - Clinical Assessment II
This course expands on health histories to develop appropriate assessments of all possible conditions massage therapy treats. Recognition of conditions outside of the scope of practice is also instructed. There is both a theory and practical component to this course.
HYD2 - Treatment Massage and Hydrotherapy II, III, & IV
Each treatment is studied in great detail and practiced on fellow students. Through a variety of references, students decide which techniques are most suited to the different treatments. Emphasis is placed on developing treatment plans with short and long-term goals in mind. Hydrotherapy II involves the practical application of skills learned in the Basic program. It is a component of the Treatment Massage II course, ensuring students can easily incorporate hydrotherapy in each treatment. An advanced understanding of the safe application of cold, heat and contrast temperatures is expected from students.
ADMT - Advanced Massage Therapy Techniques
Going beyond basic Swedish massage techniques is expected of the advanced student and graduate. Largely a practical class with demonstration and practice of a great variety of complex techniques.
NUME - Nutrition & Metabolism
An introduction to the body’s nutrient needs. Topics include vitamins and minerals, as well as diseases related to diet. As a health care worker, Massage Therapists are often asked for advice on weight loss and dietary supplements.
CLIN - Clinical Internship II
Practical experience is gained throughout the second year in the school clinic. Students are responsible for all aspects of case management while under the supervision of a Massage Therapist registered in the province of Alberta.
CLEX - Clinical Externship/Outreach
Numerous outreaches are arranged and students select those that fit both their interest and schedule. A wide range of opportunities is provided to expose students to as many practical situations as possible.
EXPR - Exam Preparation & Final Exam
Early in the program, strengths, and weaknesses are determined through a series of Oral Practical Exams. Classes may then include palpations and techniques, mini-treatments, treatment planning, assessments, remedial exercises, or any other identified areas.

Rayna - Advanced Massage Therapy Graduate

Rayna is a new graduate of our Advanced Massage Therapy program. She chose CDI College because of our flexible schedules, which allows her to spend as much time with her family as possible.

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